VOX-LUX (instalação, 2016)

   TL;DR a wall of balloons which light up through sound and touch + whistles and inhalable helium for sale to activate the wall + VOX-LUX mobile app.

   Festival Condomínio reactivates old unoccupied properties throughout Lisbon (PT) by having artists produce site-specific artworks. On our second participation we aimed to bring life back into an old historic residential building by fitting it with a central wall made out of balloons, spanning all 3 floors through the central stairwell. The balloons were sound and touch-sensitive, lighting up on input.

   To complement the experience we explored questions concerning mass-culture, selling glow-in-the-dark whistles (THNDRWHISTLES) and shots of helium to be inhaled (THUNDERVOICE) on-site for art consumers to enjoy the interactive wall even more poignantly. Those who purchased a THNDRWHISTLE could even take the experience with them on the go by installing the VOX-LUX mobile app (there was a QR code on each THNDRWHISTLE package pointing to the app page on both both iOS and Android). The VOX-LUX app consisted of a sound-sensitive black screen which would brighten up as sound input volume increased; input sensitivity could also be adjusted.