NASCAR PHOENIX (instalação, 2017)

   TL;DR the Nascar Phoenix circles over a bed with small floppy hands.

   Festival Condomínio reactivates old unoccupied properties throughout Lisbon (PT) by having artists produce site-specific artworks. On our third participation we took over a dark bedroom in an old city hotel and produced our most oneiric installation to date: over a king-size bed lay a bunch of sound-reactive floppy hands. On each side of the bed two powered speakers ominously hiss what sounds like a distant bird of prey or the lapping on some sort of race track. The sound gradually builds into a blustering holler as the Nascar Phoenix speeds past, stirring all floppy hands into flickering frenzy.

   With this piece we achieved a definitive high on our career, as an audience member stood near the half-open door to the dark bedroom, frozen in dread of what be inside. Even after reassurance she could not bring herself to go in - the Nascar Phoenix was alas, for someone, all too real.