HUMAN SEQUENCER (installation, 2015)

 In HUMAN SEQUENCER a number of gloves retrofitted with accelerometers, gyroscopes and bluetooth exist for the audience to use.
 Each glove modulates with its movements the volume, frequency and 'vibrato' of a sound wave.
 At the same time, the gloves also modulate the size, color and movement rate on a bouncing circle projected in the surrounding space.

 This interface enables the audience to develop their own languages, unique to each participant or group.
 The product of their interactions constructs in real-time a space universally accessible and abstracted from social norm.

 HUMAN SEQUENCER has been publicly shown and three times iterated in partnership with Roulote Projectos Artísticos:
 at Andanças - International Festival of Traditional Music and Dances (Castelo de Vide), Condomínio Festival (Lisbon), and Fusca Gallery (Lisbon).